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 Real Work Problems, Real (ICT) Solutions.

A water main break on the second floor of a medical facility pours out thousands of gallons of water as the facilities personnel look for the isolation valve that will shut off only that floor. However, the valve hasn’t been seen or needed in years and shutting down the entire medical facility is not an option. The results: precious time lost searching for the isolation valve, a crippled building, vast water damage, and an unhappy administrator. All this could have been greatly reduced if the critical shut off could have been found through our mobile app.

Client Testimonials

In today’s fast paced and complex business environment, our customers expect more from their service provider. One way that we have responded to today’s declining budgets and stricter oversight is by collecting and analyzing as much customer and internal business information as possible.
At FarmShop, our focus is on sustainably, both in the great outdoors and our company’s longevity. LIMMS is one of our greatest competitive business advantages. It has improved our customer relationships while enabling us to be much more efficient with our time, increasing billable hours and profitability. AWESOME system! Thank you ICT Solutions!
Luke Snow, Owner, FarmShop LLC
When we changed from a paper tracking system of our maintenance request from our residents to the LIMMS program, It saved our company several man hours a week in efficiencies of communicating work request to our techs in the field as well as several more hours saved in administrative time. ICT Solutions has gone above and beyond in helping their program meet our individual company’s needs. I know we will continue to benefit from the program in the future in efficiencies, cost savings and customer satisfaction.
DeLane Unruh, Director of Environmental Services , Schowalter Villa
In 3 years of use, I have seen numerous great upgrades including multiple sort capabilities. The ADD IMAGE function is extremely useful in allowing employees to record work done and find hard to locate components. Customer support is prompt and very helpful. I’m a big fan of LIMMS.
Hugh McAuley, Irrigation Dept Supervisor, Isidore Landscapes Inc